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Two Perspectives
One Conclusion

"When Charlie Brown expects to find the shapes of ducks and sheep in the clouds overhead, he finds them!"
          -Klein, Blomberg, and Hubbard, Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics

w h y / n e w s a r t i c l e s - p e r s p e c t i v e s w h y  /  w h a t   t o   r e a d
There are two perspectives to the creation/evolution controversy:
  • Theological Perspective
  • Scientific Perspective
Both perspectives are covered in detail on this site, and done so with the understanding that the root of the entire creation/evolution controversy may be a theological issue. When conclusions from both perspectives are combined, Theistic Evolution becomes a highly probable theory. Click here to read more...

Discussion On the Literary Genre Issue of Genesis - Controversy Crux
Is there a deeper meaning within the Genesis text? What was the authorial intent behind the Genesis creation accounts? How did the Hebrew people respond to the neighboring Egyptian and Assyrian cosmologies? Does evolutionary theory really undermine the Bible?

What's at Stake?
The credibility of Christianity is at risk due to the Creationism theories. With evangelism and missions at the heart of both Protestant and Catholic organizations, the potential damage to the intellectual reputation of Christianity cannot be ignored.

Conservative Christianity vs. Conservative Christianity
In a struggle to conserve the original meaning of the ancient sacred text, a clash with the effort to conserve a traditional interpretation of the same text is inevitable. Conservative Christians are forced to take sides against each other. Yet, the root of the issue maintains similarities to the age old free will vs. predestination battle between Conservative Christians.

The Aquinas Divine Designer Concept - An Ideal Before Its Time
A review of the odds of evolutionary success and how probability may point to a Necessary Being. The Big Bang model as explained by physicist theorists can be divided into stages within the first 13 minutes. The incredible odds of each stage completing successfully reflect a contingency of sorts--an unseen hand guiding the entire process. Thus, a Divine Designer is deemed necessary as part of the theory of Theistic Evolution.

Scholarly Method of Textual Criticism
Within Christianity the use of textual criticism--the method utilized by biblical scholars to dissect the Bible in an effort to uncover the original text--is avoided completely in two key areas:
1) Literal interpretation of 1st creation account in Genesis by Creationists
2) The King James Version only controversy - the claim that the KJV is the only English translation that should be used.
Some leading Creationists subscribe to both 1 and 2. This article illustrates the parallels between 1 and 2.

Propoganda Shmanda
A statement-by-statement look at some of the propoganda distributed by the Creationists, including attempts to dispute Theistic Evolution.

Biology Textbooks in Secondary Education - It's All or Nothing
The Creationists' campaign to have Creation theory placed into biology textbooks has several major issues. In all fairness, shouldn't Theistic Evolution have it's place next to Creationism?

Of Labels and Name Calling - Fundamentalist, Moderate, Liberal, Heretic
With an explanation of the definitions of Primary Theology and Secondary Theology, label sorting occurs and the accusations of label abuse fly.

Is Fundamentalistic Thought Unknowingly Post-Modern?
Looking at the interpretive methodology of the fundamentalists behind the Creationism theory, simlarities to Post-Modernism become obvious.

Conceptual Misconceptions - Sorting Through the Popularized Misconceptions
This article is devoted to disspelling the popular misconceptions such as:
  • Misconception #1 - the Genesis creation account is poetry or myth if it isn't interpreted literally.
  • Misconception #2 - evolutionists are trying to undermine God and the Bible.
  • Misconception #3 - acceptance of Theistic Evolution means denying the existence of a literal Adam and Eve.

Hubble Telescope - Deep Field Galaxy Globs as Evidence of Big Bang
The globs of early galaxies shed light on how galaxies were formed early on. These unknowns were discovered in the midst of a long-exposure Hubble image that captured thousands of galaxies in a single frame.
Hubble Telescope - Star Clusters Oldest Objects
The unique phenomenon of Star Clusters offer mre than dazzling displays of light. These deep-sky objects are now recognized as some of the oldest objects in the universe. By identifying their age, a more accurate age of the universe can be assessed.
Anthropic Assessments
Looking at the chemical make up of the universe, it appears that this universe was designed for life from the beginning.
The Beginning in 6 Stages
Looking at the initial start of the universe according to what physicist theorists have modeled, the cosmological process can be divided into six individual stages, the sixth of which is the state of gravity throughout the universe. The latter five are contingent upon on the success of the previous stage. Similar to the Anthropic Assessments above, the purpose of this article is to wonder at the incredible odds that were defeated in each stage.
Future Articles

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