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Misconception #1 - the Genesis creation account is poetry or myth if it isn't interpreted literally.

The view of this site is that the Genesis creation accounts are not poetry, not myth, and are not to be interpreted literally. On the contrary, the Genesis creation accounts have a deeper, more powerful meaning intended by the author(s): the beginning of Genesis served as a response to contrast the Hebrew God against the finite gods and goddesses of the neighboring cultures, and to differentiate between creation being intentional in Hebrew religion and being accidental in the neighboring religions.

Misconception #2 - evolutionists are trying to undermine God and the Bible.

While there are a few pro-evolution scientists who have an anti-Christian agenda, most do not. Most are investigating evolution as a theory because that is their scientific role--they have no other agenda, much less an evil one.

Misconception #3 - acceptance of Theistic Evolution means denying the existence of a literal Adam and Eve.

Not necessarily. The Theistic Evolution viewpoint can actually lean either way. Belief in a literal Adam and Eve and belief in an allegorical Adam and Eve are both complementary to Theistic Evolution.

Misconception #4 - the teaching of evolution is the root of many of our social problems today (e.g. teenage pregnancy, teenage drug usage, teenage rape, teenage gang violence, etc...).

Teenagers do not suddenly develop rebellious mentalities as the result of studying the theory of evolution. Students who typically pursue such acts are not always the most studious, and therefore probably did not retain much of what they studied about the theory.

Misconception #5 - the Bible says God created in 7 days, so disbelief in that is rejecting what the Bible says.

What the Bible says to a reader is based on what the reader interprets.

Misconception #6 - Theistic Evolution involves belief in an impersonal God.

Not necessarily. Theistic Evolution can take a step further by utilizing the Divine Designer concept and demonstrate how the detailed complexity of our existence is a reflection of a caring personal God.

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